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Fruit and vegetables

Growing garlic

Growing garlic Allium sativum, commonly known as garlic, is a bulbous plant of Asian origin belonging to the Amaryllidaceae family. A peculiar characteristic of this family of plants is the underground bulbous formation, used to store nutrients. Since ancient times, cultivation has spread from its eastern cradle to almost the entire globe, reaching the Mediterranean basin with extraordinary rapidity: testimonies on the cultivation and use of this type of plant were, in fact, already present in ancient Egypt where they were already known its beneficial properties in the treatment of mild pain.
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Water lily - Nymphea

They call them water lilies. The water lily is one of the most common aquatic plants in cultivation; about 50 species belong to the genus, widespread in most of the Northern Hemisphere, some of which originate in Europe; in fact their success derives, apart from the large flowers, from the fact that their presence can be found in most European waterways, in the wild.
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Bonsai Maple Palmato

Question: Bonsai Maple Palmato Good morning! My name is Katia, I live in Turin and I recently became passionate about bonsai. I am new and I know very little about these essences, but I would love to learn and have as much information as possible to better treat my Palmato Maple, bought for a week.
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Herbalist's shop

Grass mother

Question: Mother Grass I wanted to know if the mother grass that I use in the kitchen is easily found in the shop ?? Thanks Answer: Erba Madre Gentile Paolo, although in many places the mother herb is also commonly called mugwort, the one that is used in cucna in Veneto and Lombardy actually belongs to the genus tanacetum, in particular it is tanacetum parthenium, or a asteracea, a sort of daisy, of which bitter leaves are used, both in the preparation of sweet and savory dishes; often this herb is used to prepare pancakes or cakes.
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Meadow aeration

Question: need aeration? I have a problem on my lawn (I think) English, at the base of the lawn I find (caused over the years) a thick felting (cushion effect), which when I go to cut it low, it is not green but yellow unlike if it is I'm going to cut a little higher than normal (about 4 cm) I see it green.
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Apartment plants

Acmea - Aechmea fasciata

Generalities The water plants (Aechmea fasciata) come from far away, but for some time they have found space in our houses, where they are cultivated for the beautiful and prolonged flowering and for the foliage. In nature they develop in the rain forests of South America, where they tend to grow as epiphytic plants, that is, without sinking the roots in the ground: they develop at the bifurcations of the branches, among the thick fronds of other plants, wherever a little of rotting foliage provides a little space for the roots.
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